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IPPC’s Technology-Service Solution, featuring Impulse Control®, is the #1 solution used by Probation, Parole and Pretrial Services Agencies to manage the computer and Internet use of offenders and defendants.

THE BENCHMARK solution for REAL-TIME, REMOTE computer & Internet management.


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IPPC’s partners receive the benefit of a global system used by jurisdictions in almost every state. IPPC works hand-in-hand with its clients keeping them informed of the most current Internet crime trends and changes to computer supervision strategies.


Cyber Supervision: a presentation of how agencies are using IPPC’s technologies to remotely manage the computer and Internet activities of sex offenders and other cyber criminals.”

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Quotes from Our Partners…

“The IPPC program is working very well for us. It is always good to have another tool in our toolbox that ‘works well’ and gives us another set of eyes on our sex offenders. Your knowledge and support from your staff is always excellent and timely. Thank you again and keep up the good work.” Probation Officer, NY

“Our Department originally supervised sex offenders with little regard to computer usage. After implementing a comprehensive program that included both remote computer monitoring [IPPC] and searches, it has become very apparent that we were missing a key component of supervision. In lieu of being notified that an offender had a new arrest, we are now identifying risky behavior and making modifications in supervision and treatment – preventing relapses.” Deputy Chief, PA

“I am a believer in monitoring sex offenders on the Internet and your program is very easy and user friendly for both officers and offenders.” Probation Officer, TX


Internet Probation & Parole Control (IPPC) is the leading provider of computer and Internet management solutions for probation, parole and pretrial agencies nationwide.

IPPC's technologies are developed for the specific and sole purpose of managing high-risk computer users. Unlike generic, off-the-shelf monitoring technologies, IPPC designs and develops its technologies with the overarching concern that a flawed approach could be the basis for an appeal. It is widely recognized that computer and Internet management is a core component of effective supervision. It is IPPC’s role to support officers, not replace them. IPPC recognizes that officers are the experts in supervision. IPPC empowers officers to be successful by providing a comprehensive service and support offering that is wrapped around our proprietary and court-supported technologies.


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The Benchmark Solution

IPPC's technology-service solution, featuring Impulse Control®, is the benchmark solution for real-time, remote computer and Internet management. You can choose to allow Internet access and easily manage offenders’/defendants’ activities from the safety and convenience of your office or restrict access by installing Impulse Control® to Lockdown™ the Internet. The best part is that the solution is affordable. Whether you are looking for a shared account or are considering statewide implementation to support evidence-based practices, we can work with you to meet your budgetary requirements.

Configurable for All Offender Types

Impulse Control® is designed for the specific and sole purpose of managing high-risk computer users (criminal offenders). This not only includes sex offenders, but also any offender or defendant convicted of or alleged to of committed computer-related crimes including domestic violence, stalking, identity theft, fraud, forgery, gang activity, and much more.

The Gold Standard in Technology Best Practices

Impulse Control® is very deliberate in its content capture and can tailor monitoring to the nature and circumstances of the offense and history and characteristics of the offender/defendant. Impulse Control® even has the ability to exclude protected and private communications from capture. This ensures that the technology is neither “overbroad” nor “invasive” and meets the requirements of the courts.

Court Supported and Officer Approved

Unlike generic, off-the-shelf monitoring technologies, IPPC designs and develops its technologies with the overarching concern that a flawed approach could be the basis for an appeal. This could cause rippling effects throughout the country, adversely affecting agencies that have already implemented efficacious supervision programs. From inception, IPPC's technologies have been developed using feedback and design requirements garnered from field supervisors, judicial educators and administrators. Therefore, the technologies reflect the needs of the agencies, courts and officers tasked with using them.

Impulse Control® was noted in the Mississippi Law Journal as the “BEST” example of hybrid solution for computer and Internet management.

Harrold, Marc M. “Computer Searches of Probationers: Diminished Privacies, Special Needs & `Whilst' Quiet Pedophiles Plugging the Fourth Amendment into the Virtual Home Visit.” The Mississippi Law Journal 75 (2005): 273-365.




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